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QHHT Hangzhou China – Level 2 Live Class

July 2, 2019 @ 9:00 am - July 7, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

Journey to the Powerful Hangzhou China

Explore Qiandao Lake and the immense beauty of China


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Level 2 Training: Tuesday July 2nd – 7th
Marketing and Abundance Day: Saturday, July 6th
Spiritual Lake Adventure: Sunday, July 7th

Price: $1900 USD


Level 2 QHHT Practitioner training is coming to the Hangzhou, China from July 2nd – 7th.

Experience the powerful, energizing emotions of Hangzhou as you join other high-vibrational practitioners in advancing your QHHT skills.  This week-long journey into expanding human consciousness is the fastest and most powerful way to heighten your skills and level-up your practitioner status.  Make new friends for life in class, and then together explore Hangzhou and it’s beautiful water features.



Upgrade the crucial aspects of your practice and master your skills

  • Master your most effective hypnotic voice·
  • Elevate your interview skills
  • Learn to ask the most relevant questions during your regressions
  • Discover the proven best pre and post session practices

Echo your effective hypnotic voice and take your core QHHT skills to new heights. Become aware of the challenges you have faced in your practitioner journey and remedy them from the foundation up. Absorb the energy of your fellow practitioners as you absorb immediate, positive feedback from live sessions.




Discover the Root of your Confidence and Transformational Power:
Your Bonus Business & Marketing Abundance Training

Channel your true self and use positive energy to impact the lives of those around you.
Experience the internal change necessary for growth as you transform from someone who has ‘forgotten’ yourself to someone who remembers. Learn the art of expressing your newfound, true self as fully as you can!

You will receive first-hand accounts of the marketing and professional breakthroughs that other Practitioners are having. Absorb the energy of their successes as you hear of their internal transformation and their personal life stories.

Discover the method of drawing clients to you through exertion of your true energy.
Build a beautiful, trusting relationship with your clients from the start.
Many of us have encountered difficult session experiences. You’ll learn to connect and build deep trust with clients as they completely open their mind. Realize new levels of enlightenment and transformation for yourself and your clients as you develop your nurturing abilities, which will be implemented from your first contact with each client—before they even contact you for a session.

Together, we’ll uncover the importance of creating and enhancing our relationships with clients. Rise to an entirely new level of understanding, trust and an open-mindedness that your clients have never experienced before!

Balance your passion and business.
You may struggle with charging for sessions because you need more confidence or face the internal conflict of placing monetary value on something you’re truly passionate about. You’ll learn to use your natural, positive energy and connectivity skills to counter these and other objections.

Build your confidence as you master your skills and channel new levels of energy that are living inside of you and are ready to flourish and manifest. You will leave this course with an understanding and appreciation of the transformational experience you’re providing to your clients.

Reach new levels of energy and time efficiency.
Work with heightened intent and make more use of your time. You will be inspired by time management guidance and learn to maximize your clients’ experience from start through transformation. Conduct internal exploration to contemplate the worth of your time and how your precious time was meant to be used.

Design a deeply relaxing environment through your ultimate session space.
Explore the top design considerations that breathe comfort into the spirit of your clients. Reduce barriers and anxieties with environmental influences to get your clients into a deeper theta state.

Master your business practices and use technology to inspire transformation.
Identify the core tools needed to create a successful online presence. Learn to be the prominent force as clients start their search for answers.

Begin building a flourishing audience which is filled with excitement. Magnify the view of your targeted client base and the types of digital and social media content that will inspire and motivate them.

Effectively capture the personal transformation of your client through video production and sharing strategies. Empower your clients to share their stories of transformational experiences. We’ll take a dive into the types of technology you can use, the most effective recording and editing techniques to inspire your online audience and how to create viral energy through multi-platform sharing of these video testimonials. You’ll leave this course with a new, high powered business plan for the next year with a support group to keep you on track for even your most ambitious goals and dreams.


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July 2, 2019 @ 9:00 am
July 7, 2019 @ 6:00 pm


Bright Resort Hotel, Chun’an, China
369 Gangkou Road
Qiandao Lake Town,Chun'an311700China
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