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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy offers fully accredited classes for Dolores Cannon’s hypnosis technique, QHHT®.

For over a decade, Dolores taught her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique to enthusiastic students all over the world. These intensive courses are designed to fully equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills and technical approach to effectively practice her technique, wherever they might live. There are three levels of course available:

Level 1 LIVEOnline; CompanionFor new students, this course is available in both online and ‘live’ formats and will equip you with all the necessary know-how and resources to practice Dolores’ Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

*Note: New practitioners who have successfully completed their Level 1 training and provided documentation of 10 practice sessions, may now be listed as a Level 1 Intern.  Until these Interns have taken their QHHT® Level 2 Class or completed 25 sessions, they may continue to facilitate sessions to gain experience at no cost or by “free-will” offering.

Level 2 “LIVE”For QHHT® practitioners who have attended Level 1 and have practiced with a minimum of 25 different people, this supplemental course will focus on strengthening core QHHT® skills. We will work with the practitioners on your interviewing and questioning skills and then spend one-on-one time working specifically on your ‘voice’ skills. Note that while twenty-five sessions is the absolute minimum requirement, we highly recommend that the practitioner conduct more than 30 sessions in order to take the most advantage from this class.

Level 3 “LIVE”The Level 3 class is for practitioners who have completed Level 2 (since January 2014), have been in practice for one year, have a minimum of 125 sessions, and facilitate QHHT® as Dolores taught. This 3 day small group course offers professional assessment and feedback on the practitioners’ actual session recording including but not limited to: the interview process, the session location, induction, lifetime/s, contact with the SC and more. Videos will be reviewed in a group setting so each practitioner will not only learn from their own video, but from the others’ videos as well.

The Level 2 & Level 3 classes are ‘live’ classes only, and not offered online due to the intensive interaction provided.

*** Only Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy staff is authorized to teach QHHT® and this material. Taking this class does NOT authorize you or anyone to teach this method.***

Customers’ Testimonials

Life changing

Your life will never be the same after taking this course. It will just keep getting better and better.

Jennifer Olson, October 2015
Fantastic Course

This course is very well structured and informative. Dolores is a wonderful therapist who works from the heart and wants to pass on her extensive knowledge to benefit other people. The method is simple and very effective. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Michaela Klaffenbock, July 2015
Dolores Cannon is amazing

This is no gimmick guys! This technique has been developed by Dolores Cannon over 40 years! And if you follow the technique the ways she says you will have the same success she does! God bless her on the other side!!! We miss you!

Bigjymele, July 2015
Excellent Course and Information

I found this course to be very easy to follow and not at all confusing like some of my previous hypnosis training. It is best to listen to the videos with headsets on, as some of the sound is a little muffled at times. I achieved what I set out to learn and feel much more confident than my previous learning. Dolores’ instructional videos were filled with examples and techniques were broken down so it was much easier to follow and understand. I would recommend this course to ALL who wish to help others at their highest potentials.

Wendy Maynard, April 2015
Very informative and actual client interaction previews

I like how the course was laid out. Dolores layed it out just the way it is. She had such patience with her clients and displays the ethics that this profession needs. Tying the spiritual to the professional side of the clients needs and her business that takes care of the soul’s that seek her out. This course has changed my life, and one day if just one, may I be the conduit to help another. 😉

Cammie, January 2015
Amazing, powerful, revolutionary course!

I am hungry for more knowledge! Thank you!

Anna Rigali, September 2014
Excellent information, but poor video quality

I truly admire Dolores’ work in this field; I have read about half of her 17 books, and she truly gave me something to look forward to. I have read other books about hypnosis and taken other courses as well, but this technique is definitely above and beyond expectations and produces astounding results. However, I believe that for the price paid for the course, the quality should be better. The information contained in the course is excellent, but the delivery method should be improved. I think most, if not all the videos should be remastered in HD with better sound quality, we are in a digital era and tapes became obsolete a long time ago. Also, during the Q&A sessions, the other students are very hard if not impossible to hear. Perhaps, the questions should be repeated by Dolores or they should be provided a microphone. All things considered, I definitely don’t regret investing in this priceless course.

by Mickael El-Hachem, August 2014
a wonderful course.

This course is a life changing course, as I am applying the knowledge to my family and I, even as a beginner, witnessed a wonderful results on my niece, diabetic since 20 years, and after one session she got an amazing reduction to the dose of insulin. now she is following the diet to get her health on track. wow !

Ikramini, July 2014

This is the most amazing and mind blowing course I have ever done, and I have done quite a few !! Dolores is an amazing woman who has used her many years of vast experience to go beyond the normal and help the people of the world to awaken, to help and heal each other. She explains it in everyday language. I laughed and cried many times and was deeply touched ,watching the amazing demonstrations of Dolores and the very kind pupils who allowed us to witness their private and most personal lives. Thank you to them and Dolores in light and love. I also felt the energy fill my own body during this course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in spiritual growth and healing. It is more than a five star course it is the Universe placed in our hands. Many ,many thanks and love amazing. x

Lindy Nixon-Gray, July 2014
I used this as a review course, as I took it “live” 7 years ago.

The demonstrations were thorough, and the necessary written materials were all there just as we had them before. Wonderful! So glad this was offered. I enjoyed it almost as much as the “live” one!

Madelyn Miller, July 2014

Not having the chance to attend in person ? Don’t worry this course has everything you need, feeling almost there with everybody and with Dolores herself. I am Glad this came into my life and hopefully, many, many will benefit from it. Love and sincere appreciation….

Annayelle Grosjean, July 2014
Super Course Absolutely Genius!

Thank you Dolores for this amazing course and technology! Cant wait to practice on all of my loved ones and lovely clients.

Rev. Druanna Johnston Johnston, July 2014