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Positive Full Moon Affirmations & Mantras 2022 (Love, Money & More)

Sometimes we need a little reassurance or some motivation in our lives. From time to time, that needs to come from ourselves, and for ourselves. Full moon affirmations, or full moon mantras are great ways to plant those seeds for your manifestations. Today you will learn some great mantras to use on...

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May 23rd, 2022

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Are you an Empath
Self Discovery

Am I an Empath Test (Free & Most Accurate Empath Quiz)

You might be someone who prefers to hang out with smaller groups of people rather than in large gatherings. Empathic people are intuitive and highly sensitive. We will discuss the different types of empaths that you might encounter throughout your life. If you have ever asked yourself: “Am I an Empath?” then take…Read More»

Full Moon Rituals
Self Discovery

Full Moon Rituals for Manifestation, Cleansing, Release & More

When last did you bask in the power that a full moon bestows upon us all? There is something truly magical about the big and bright disk that shines above us each month, all you need are the rituals in order to celebrate in la Luna! For an extensive description of…Read More»

Spiritual Protection Guide
Self Discovery

Spiritual Protection Guide: Creating a Spiritual Shield & More

Spiritual protection will depend on how you define your spirituality. It does not matter which deity you choose to praise, or what religion or culture you come from, spiritual cleansing and protection are important for all. Most people think that their body is what needs protection for optimal health, but…Read More»

List of Things Hypnosis Helps

List of 18 Things Hypnosis Can Help With Today

Hypnosis has not always had the best stigma in and amongst mental health professionals. In the past it has been confused with stage hypnosis, which is not the same thing at all. If you are curious to know what you might be able to benefit from by undergoing hypnotherapy, then take a look at…Read More»

Going Deep into Hypnosis
Self Discovery

Going Deep Into Hypnosis – What is Hypnosis and How Can it Help You?

Today you are in for a real treat! The concept we are discussing is truly near and dear to our hearts because it is at the core of what we do here in the QHHT world. Hypnosis is such a fascinating and diverse topic so it is interesting to sort of zoom out a little bit to see all the various branches that you…Read More»

Meditating with Crystals
Self Discovery

How to Meditate with Crystals: Rose Quartz, Amethyst + More

You have finally come home after a long and exhausting day, shoes have been kicked off, your lights have been dimmed and candles lit, your favorite ambient music is playing and you get yourself settled. Three deep breaths in, but wait… what’s missing? Crystals of course! …Read More»

You Are What You Attract
Self Discovery

You Are What You Attract

You are a marvelous super powered antenna of light. Love, emotion, and energy. When you really stop and think about just how powerful of an antenna you truly are, you will realize that life can be lived by your own rules, and that others can greatly benefit through your positive energy and vibrations because…Read More»

How to Recover Repressed Memories

How to Recover Repressed Memories From Childhood & Abuse

Have you ever found yourself avoiding certain situations without having a specific reason for it? Maybe you have noticed behavioral patterns that make no sense to you. You probably have some repressed memories hidden somewhere within your mind, and by the end of this article you will know…Read More»

Soul Level Consciousness
Self Discovery

The Dynamics of Soul-level Consciousness

If you are a frequent listener to our live chats on Facebook, you might remember that we commune regularly with the higher beings from the higher dimensions, and so do you! But, we will get into that a bit later on. These higher beings have told us that our transition to the 5th dimension has already happened, but…Read More»

Soul Contracts
Self Discovery

Soul Contracts – What is a Soul Contract?

Soul contracts are one of the most requested topics that we are approached with. It is the theme of a great discovery, and there are a lot of curiosities that surround it. We have spoken a lot about this in the past because it is closely linked to QHHT. Each one of us has a contract with multiple souls, and with…Read More»

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