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Indigo Spiritual Meaning: Color Indigo Symbolism & Definition

The color indigo is not just a beautiful flower growing in your garden. From ancient times to the modern world, this color has captivated the world with its spiritual and psychological benefits. so much so that it has long been perceived as a magical hue. This article will delve into the many different...

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September 18th, 2023

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The Fairy Realm
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The Fairy Realm – Reality or Fiction?

Most of our childhoods are filled with stories about mystical and magical things. We are told stories about mermaids that rule the ocean and how fairies fly through the air catching the light as they flutter by without us even noticing. Few have been lucky enough…Read More»

What does it mean to dream about dead snakes?
Self Discovery

What is the Meaning of Dreaming About Dead Snakes?

Dreaming is a curious thing. While some people have these wile and adventurous slumbers, where their subconscious mind takes them on these baffling journeys where impossible things happen. Others might have a short-lived vision of something that could very well happen in real life. There is no right or wrong way to dream, just as there’s no incorrect…Read More»

Who Are You?
Self Discovery

Who Are You? The Many Layers of Identity

As human beings, we are constantly on the search for answers. We ask ourselves questions every day. Are we going to be productive today? Blue jeans, or black? What’s for dinner? Things like that. We have so much going on in our…Read More»

How Does the Soul Know When To Leave the Body?

How Does the Soul Know When to Leave the Body? (& Other Spirit FAQs)

One of the most thought-about aspects of life is when it ends. the question on most people’s minds when they near the end of their life, is what happens to their soul when it departs from their body. Fearing death is not a new conundrum, as there are so many beliefs surrounding the afterlife, like whether you believe in heaven or hell. It is no wonder…Read More»

Are You Ready to See E.T.s?
Self Discovery

Are You Ready to See the E.T.s?

The topic of extraterrestrials is not exactly new. This has been an ongoing phenomenon for hundreds of years. People have seen flashing lights in the sky, and disappearing ones too. Not only that, but the amount of people who have said they were abducted by aliens and brought back to Earth…Read More»

What Does a Green Aura Mean?
Self Discovery

Green Aura Meaning: What Does a Green Aura Mean Spiritually?

From the tranquil shades of emerald to the vivid hues of mint and forest green, the color green carries profound symbolism that gives one a feeling similar to immersing oneself in a tranquil forest. In this article, we will begin to unravel the different meanings of green…Read More»

What is Spiritual Maturity?
Self Discovery

What is Spiritual Maturity? 7 Signs of Spiritual Maturity Explained

Spiritual maturity refers to the state of personal growth and development in one’s spiritual beliefs and practices. This article will delve into the deeper facets of what it means to be spiritually mature. It is based on a Christian viewpoint, but it can apply to other religions, and…Read More»

What is Spiritual Freedom?
Self Discovery

What is Spiritual Freedom? Spiritual Freedom Meaning Defined

Belonging to faith and practicing a religion is one thing. But, many people are not aware of the reason they abide by the rules of their religion. For one thing, there has to be something to gain by persisting with the rules of each practice. We need something to look forward to, and that can be finding our own…Read More»

Gold Spiritual Meaning
Self Discovery

Gold Spiritual Meaning: Color Gold Symbolism & Definition

This world we live in is completely blindsided by lust and greed when gold comes into the picture. However, gold is not just a precious metal that defines our wealth with its economic value. It is a color that holds much spiritual meaning. This article will delve deep into what gold is associated with. From its spiritual meanings to what it relates to in…Read More»