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Sensing vs Intuition: Intuitive & Sensor Type Differences

Being the amazingly unique human beings that w are, we all process information that is attained either through our senses or using our intuition. Not only do we all desire to be able to understand our loved ones or even just ourselves, but the Myers-Briggs 16 personalities of sensing vs intuition is also one of...

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May 5th, 2021

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Tuning Fork Therapy

What Is Tuning Fork Therapy? 3 Healing Techniques & Benefits

Everything in the universe has a vibration and each vibration has its frequency. Tuning forks for healing use these frequencies to work a wonder of benefits for our bodies, minds, and souls. If you are feeling drained unexplainably or experiencing relentless back pain this article on tuning fork therapy will help shed some light …Read More»

What is Trauma Bonding
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What Is Trauma Bonding? (Definition, Signs & Recovery Help)

Often, many people in relationships with a partner or family member can find themselves in a cycle of abuse, which then turns from abuse to positive reinforcing behavior, creating a cycle leading to trauma bonds. This can lead the victim to sympathize with the abuser. In this article, we will be looking at what…Read More»

Biblical Spiritual Gifts List
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Biblical Spiritual Gifts List & Definitions Of What They Are

A spiritual gift is not our possession. It is God’s power and will surface through us and our beliefs. There are various types of gifts that we might have been blessed with. Read further to find out more about them, and which one you were possibly gifted…Read More»

How to Find Out Your Passion Quiz
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What Is My Passion Quiz: FREE How to Find Your Passion Test

There are those who just seem to always be on the right path. Their career path just seeming to be illuminated in front of them. Maybe that’s not the case for you, and that’s okay! you’re not alone. It’s okay if you’ve asked yourself; “Do you want to get a new job?” Although, if you’ve thought it, you probably do. Maybe you…Read More»

Spiritual Meaning of Finding Money on the Ground
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Spiritual Meaning of Finding Money on the Ground (Coins & Paper)

Our spirit guides, ancestors will speak in a way we will understand. Whether they are using numerology or using the type of metal as a message, finding dimes, pennies, or nickels, your guardian angels are looking out for you! This article is how you’ll find out what the messages they have for you…Read More»

Spiritual Gifts Test
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Spiritual Gifts Test: What Is My Spiritual Gift? Take the Quiz!

Spiritual growth is relative to each of us individually. Along with this growth, you will discover that each of us has a spiritual gift to offer to the world and ourselves. There are many different kinds of gifts which you may possess. you do not need to be a church leader or a shaman, follow discipleship, god’s word, or…Read More»

Starseed Quiz: What Kind of Starseed Are You?
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Starseed Quiz: What Kind of Starseed Are You? Take The Test!

Have you ever met someone you feel you’ve known your whole life but it’s unexplainable how you’re convinced they’re your twin flame? Maybe you’ve gazed upon the starry night sky and felt a yearning, or a sense of belonging towards a particular one. Both of these could be indicators of having lived a past life, possibly…Read More»

10 Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship
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10 Warning Signs Of An Abusive Relationship: Are You In One?

A lot of the time we don’t realize that we are being abused if there is no physicality. In school, the bullies who usually got in trouble were the ones who left a mark on their victims. The ones who got away with it were those who verbally tormented their peers when no one could hear -unless they had the guts to speak up. But, speaking up…Read More»

Spiritual Awakening Quiz
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Spiritual Awakening Test: Am I Spiritually Awakened? Take the Quiz!

To undergo a spiritual awakening is usually quite unpleasant. Every single human being is on their own spiritual journey to find their true self. You’ll find that your higher self will try to connect with you whilst you are riding the roller coaster towards spiritual enlightenment, you should not resist, rather go…Read More»