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Smudging Sage: 10 Benefits of Burning Sage for Cleansing

Smudging is one of the most commonly practiced activities in many indigenous cultures across the globe. There are many different spiritual and physical benefits one can appreciate from this miracle plant, but how exactly does one use it? This is precisely what we are going to...

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December 2nd, 2022

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The Moon Tarot Card
Self Discovery

XVIII The Moon Tarot Card Meaning Reversed & Upright Guide

Picture this, you have gathered with your friends under the moonlight to do some tarot readings. Candles are lit, space has been blessed, crystals are laid out around you creating a force field of energy. Of all the many cards in the deck, one that you pulled was the moon. You wonder to yourself, what could this mean? Well, today we…Read More»

Good Luck Symbols
Self Discovery

Omen Signs & Lucky Charm Good Luck Symbols Around the World

In this chaotic world, we live in, there is so much turmoil one cannot blame those looking for a little bit of luck to spruce things up. There are many ways people like to ensure fortune is on their side Lucky charms, symbols, talismans, routine habits – you name it! Today we are going to discuss many of the different…Read More»

Soulmate Vs. Life Partner
Self Discovery

Soulmate vs Life Partner (Love of Your Life) Difference Explained

When one thinks of a twinflame vs soulmate, we may all have different ideas on what that means. The misconception is that a soulmate and a life partner are the same things, but they are actually quite different. For anyone viewing your relationship from the outside, they may not be able to tell if your partner is your…Read More»

Spiritual Awakening Stages
Self Discovery

Spiritual Awakening Stages (& 26 Ascension Symptoms & Signs)

You may have been feeling like everything in your life is turning inside out. No longer do you feel safe and secure in your perception of the world, and your once-loved belief systems seem to clash with more recent revelations. A spiritual journey can be very confusing, not to mention overwhelming. there are many…Read More»

Reincarnation, Money & Isolated Feelings
Self Discovery

Reincarnation, Money & Isolated Feelings

Once again we are here to explore the world of your curiosities! As you might be aware, we like to get into the topics of your choosing. For those who don’t know, this is where we explain various things that our followers ask of us. That way, we are flowing with the law of attraction, and the will of the…Read More»

Raising Your Vibration
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Raising Your Vibration & Staying in Your Preferred State

The struggle is real on planet earth at the moment. Although, it has never been an easy ride on this aquatic rock chilling in space. Human beings were given this marvelous thing called Free-will when we were created. The late Dolores Cannon found during her regression sessions that our guides, the higher beings, were not…Read More»

Between Lives & Realities
Self Discovery

Between Lives & Realities – Reframing Your Thoughts & Words

Let’s start with a reminder. It is a common phenomenon for those who are on a certain spiritual journey to be confronted with doubt. It may not be coming from within you, but rather from those around you! As we are all on a journey of our own, each of us will have…Read More»

Twin Flame Stages
Self Discovery

8 Twin Flame Stages: Twin Flame Journey Dynamics Explained

Maybe you just met someone and have embarked on a little romance that feels like it is growing deeper by the day. Or, maybe you are in the throws of the best relationship of your life. Or, maybe you have just separated from your partner and feel lost without them. It might be possible that you have found your…Read More»

How to Find a Soulmate
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How to Find Your Soulmate: 10 Ways of Finding a Soulmate in 2022

The modern world is a demanding place. There are so many expectations coming at us on a day-to-day basis. Get good grades, graduate, go to college, find a job, be successful, be charitable, be this, be that. With everything on our plate, it is a wonder how any of us manage to find our soul mates. However, as of today, that…Read More»