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Why Do We Get Cancer?

Cancer is undeniably one of the most formidable foes we face. It’s a relentless adversary, challenging people from all walks of life. It does not discriminate. But, could we be the reason that we suffer from it and other crippling diseases? But what if you knew that your mindset plays a significant...

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February 23rd, 2024

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777 Angel Number
Self Discovery

777 Angel Number Meaning in Relationships, Twin Flame Love & More

Have you ever noticed the number 777 happen in your life, appearing at random? Maybe it shows up a little too frequently to make it a coincidence, be it license plates or a house number. Well, the fact of the matter is, it is pure synchronicity. Our topic for the day is getting into the deeper details of what the angels are telling…Read More»

Dolores Cannon Convoluted Book Series
Self Discovery

Dolores Cannon’s Convoluted Book Series

Embark on a cosmic odyssey with Dolores Cannon’s Convoluted Universe series, a collection of four spellbinding books that transcends the boundaries of ordinary perception and delves into the mysteries of existence. In this literary…Read More»

Needs of the Ego and Needs of the Superconscious
Self Discovery

Needs Of The Ego VS. The Needs of The Superconscious

The topic we have today is a very intriguing one. Where so many people get caught up in the humdrum of life, it can be a tricky task to try to discern between needs and wants. The physical side of our humanity wants many…Read More»

Needs vs. Wants
Self Discovery

Your Needs Vs Your Wants

Today’s topic is based on the intricacies of human needs, vs. the wants we think we need. When asked, being mindful is one of the first things that came to Julia Cannon’s mind when this topic was introduced. This reminds everyone that words are at the forefront…Read More»

666 Angel Number
Self Discovery

666 Angel Number Meaning in Relationships, Twin Flame Love & More

Many people have a misconception about the meaning of the number 666. The biblical meaning of this number has led people to believe it has sinister associations. But, it means something quite different. Angel numbers are messengers from our higher selves, guardian angels, or spirit guides, depending on how you prefer to refer to them. They wish…Read More»

The existence of Aliens
Self Discovery

The Existence of Aliens

The existence of aliens, or extraterrestrial beings, has long been a topic of fascination, speculation, and controversy. While some believe in their existence with unwavering faith, a significant portion of the global population…Read More»

Soul Urge Number 33
Self Discovery

Master Soul Urge Number 33/6 Meaning, Compatibility & More

A soul urge number is a significant aspect of numerology, representing the innermost desires and yearnings that guide an individual on a deeper, spiritual level. The number is derived from the vowels in your birth name and is also known as…Read More»

Starseeds and their Mission on Earth
Self Discovery

Starseeds and Their Mission on Earth

The concept of “Star Seeds” has taken root, captivating the imagination of many seekers of spiritual wisdom. Interestingly, this concept did not originate from the lips of a mysterious sage or a renowned spiritual guru, but it has found its way into mainstream knowledge somehow. The term has grown…Read More»

555 Angel Number Meaning
Self Discovery

555 Angel Number Meaning in Relationships, Twin Flame Love & More

Ever wondered why the number 555 keeps catching your eye? Maybe you keep seeing the number sequence in phone numbers or license plates. Well, it’s not just a random occurrence—it could be a message from the cosmos. Spiritual guidance from your higher self or a sign from your angels that change is coming. In the realm…Read More»

Expression Number Calculator
Self Discovery

Expression Number Calculator: Your Expression Number Meaning

Unlock the mysteries of your life quest with expression numbers. These numerical codes, derived from the letters in your name, hold the key to understanding your unique personality, traits, and life path. In this article, we’ll go into detail with these numerological…Read More»