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Our QHHT Level 1 course  contains approximately 22 ½ hours of video that is broken down into 18 parts.

The videos are a recording of a previous Level 1 live class that was taught by Dolores Cannon.  

You will have access to the course videos for up to 120 days, or until until you pass the final exam; whichever comes first.

This 120 days access period is meant to get your fully trained to conduct QHHT sessions in the exact way that Dolores Cannon conducted hers. Once you have passed the exam, it’s best to start doing practice sessions as much as possible on friends and family. 

You will then can qualify for access to our QHHT Practitioners forum, which will be your new tool for learning and growing your practice. It’s there that you will get direct answers and instruction on any question that you may have about your practice and QHHT in general.

The price of our Level 1 online course is $997.00 USD. And we guarantee that this will be the most fascinating course you have ever taken!  Many students binge watch the material.  But of course, it’s completely up to you to determine when and where you wish to learn the material.

For more information, or to enroll now, visit our website at

Most students complete the course in about 2 weeks, so 120 days is usually more than enough time.  However, if you’re unable to complete the course prior to the deadline, we’re happy to work with you on a course extension.  Please contact the QHHT office at [email protected] for details.

Students learn everything that they need to know to practice QHHT in our Level 1 course.  

Levels 2 and 3 are optional and not required to practice.  However, each new course does build perfectly opon the other for those who wish to pursue a full-time career as a QHHT practitioner.

Please feel free to review our course information page for specific details on each level of training available:

The price of our Level 1 online course is $997.00 USD and our Level 2 and Level 3 online courses cost $1,333.00 USD and $1,775.00 USD respectively.

At this time, all of our full training courses are available online.

As we’ve spent the past two years developing and improving our online courses, we have come to realize that they are a superior experience for students, because they can watch (and rewatch) the course videos at their own pace, without battling fatigue from travel, long class days, and distractions from other students.

Our online courses eliminate those challenges and so far we’ve seen amazing results from our students.  Our online course students are scoring higher on the final exams, better retaining the course material and becoming very successful QHHT Practitioners!

For that reason, our future live events are more likely to include QHHT Practitioner reunions and retreats rather than live Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 classes.

To learn more about our QHHT Level 1 online course or to enroll now, please visit our website at

We also periodically offer live Level 1 Companion courses, which are supplemental 3 day live courses for graduates of the Level 1 online course. 

For more information and details on our live events, please visit our website at

Please feel free to let me know if you have questions or need further assistance.

We have thousands of QHHT Practitioners who would love to conduct a session with you.

Please feel free to visit our website at to search for a practitioner in your area.

Choosing a QHHT Practitioner is a very unique and personal experience.

The right practitioner will be different for each client.

For that reason, we recommend contacting several practitioners, within the distance that you’re able to travel.  

QHHT Practitioners are sole proprietors, so they operate their own businesses and set their own rates.

Talk with each one and select the practitioner with whom you personally resonate most.

Thank you and have a beautiful day!

No.  QHHT sessions must be conducted in person.  This has been a very common topic of conversation with our practitioners since social distancing restrictions have been implemented.

It was something that Dolores was very passionate and strict about and she had many reasons for the policy which requires QHHT sessions to be conducted in person. 

The first reason is that a huge amount of trust is necessary to get clients into the Theta state and the deepest level of trance necessary to connect to the subconscious for information and healing. Such trust can only be established during an in-person interview.

The second reason is that a client must be located close to the practitioner in order for the practitioner to observe body signs which let them know that the client is fully under and ready to connect to the SC.

Exploring other lives can sometimes be traumatic and it’s important to be physically present with our clients during those experiences.

The most important reason is that internet connections can be interrupted. We simply can’t risk leaving a client in a state of hypnosis without a way to properly count them out and end the session.

Most practitioners are still conducting sessions, as only 2 people are present during a session and that meets social distancing restrictions in most areas.

For those who can’t conduct sessions at this time, we believe that there is a reason for that. When the time is right, it will happen.

We trust and have faith in the universe and the divine timing of all things.

We offer a 3-part payment plan for the QHHT Level 1 online course, which will automatically charge $397.00 USD per month for 3 months.   

Students who purchase using our payment plan will receive immediate access to the first half of the course at the time of enrollment and will receive access to the second half of the course upon receipt of their 2nd payment in 30 days.

You may access the 3-part payment plan here: Click to purchase a payment plan

Please feel free to let me know if you have questions or need further assistance.

Our scholarship program is currently on-hold as we work to upgrade to an electronic application system.  

Please feel free to check back in a few months to see if the program has been reactivated.

The Soul Speak course teaches students how to take the concepts from the Soul Speak book and apply them in a practical format to help clients.

For more information or to enroll now, please visit Julia’s website at

Absolutely!  The Level 3 online class is for practitioners who have completed Level 2 in the past 2 years, have been in practice for one year, have a minimum of 125 sessions, and facilitate QHHT® as Dolores taught. This 3 day small group course, conducted via Zoom, offers professional assessment and feedback on the practitioners’ actual session recording including but not limited to: the interview process, the session location, induction, lifetime/s, contact with the SC and more. Videos will be reviewed in a group setting so each practitioner will not only learn from their own video, but from the others’ videos as well.

The Level Three Course is designed to work with Practitioners individually in such a way that each practitioners’ actual session skills are reviewed, assessed, and fine-tuned so that they are facilitating the technique just as Dolores did.

No. When Dolores Cannon first began teaching the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, she did require her students to have previous hypnosis experience.  Over time, she began to realize that it was actually easier to teach her technique to those with no prior experience in hypnosis, due to the unique aspects of QHHT that set it apart from other modalities.  Those with no prior experience don’t have to “unlearn” any parts of previous training which may differ from QHHT.

Yes, as long as the sessions are conducted in person.

No. QHHT is very unique and unlike other techniques, so full training is necessary regardless of experience in other areas or training in other modalities.

Students are welcome to enroll in the Level 2 online course anytime after passing the Level 1 exam.  We do recommend getting some practice sessions under your belt prior to beginning the course, as this will help you to better understand the advanced material presented in Level 2 training.  Should you complete the Level 2 course and pass the exam prior to having completed your first 25 sessions, you’ll receive Level 1 and Level 2 certification at the same time, upon approval of your first 25 sessions.

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.

No worries! By default, our system allows 3 exam attempts.  Should you need additional attempts, please contact our office at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to remove a previous attempt so that you can try again.

Yes! We offer our Level 1 online course in English, Spanish, German, Hebrew, French, Chinese, and Russian. We offer our Level 2 online course in English, French, and Russian.

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