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Our Most Popular Products

Dive into our high-vibrational clothing and accessories. Make sure to get your QHHT gear before our upcoming retreat!

The Yoga Mat

A custom yoga mat featuring an incredible space nebula and the iconic QHHT logo.


Cuffed Beanie

A cozy warm grey cuffed beanie with the lovely blue QHHT logo embroidered on the front.


QHHT Official Clothing & Accessories

QHHT Official Clothing & Accessories

Check out all of our amazing products – order and have them shipped right to your door!



Custom made windbreaker with a beautiful texture inside and out. Includes the QHHT logo on chest.

New Earth T-Shirt


New Earth Cotton T-Shirt. A comfortable perfectly fitting Tee with our wonderful high-vibration New Earth design.

1/4 Zip Pull-Over

A warm, cozy black pullover with the QHHT Official logo in teal.


Wide-Leg PJ Pants

Flowy and incredibly comfortable pajama pants in our textured green with the QHHT Official logo at the top.



Green textured joggers with a waist draw-string and cuffed ankle holes. Includes the QHHT Official logo.


Slim Water Bottle

Insulated stainless-steel water bottle with a large QHHT Official Logo in teal on the exterior.



A multi-colored QHHT Official sticker for your car, journal, computer and more!


Throw Blanket

A cozy and comfortable throw blanket with our beautiful space nebula design.



A QHHT Tote with our magical outer space nebula design.


iPhone Case

Our space nebula design for your iPhone. Comes in a ton of sizes!


Nebula Backpack

A QHHT Nebula backpack with an outside pocket and a laptop slot.


QHHT Logo Backpack

A beautiful blue minimal design backpack with the QHHT logo.


Mouse Pad

The QHHT nebula design on a mousepad? Oh yes!


Bucket Hat

Keep that sun out of your eyes and off your neck with a QHHT bucket hat.


Coffee Mug

A QHHT Mug with the logo and mantra “It’s Going to be an Amazing Day”



A minimal design notebook with the QHHT Logo. Inside is lined paper.


Nebula Pillow

Our beautiful nebula design on a throw pillow for your studio/office.


Practitioner Pillow

Our practitioner pillow is perfect for your session bed in your office space.


Vintage Hat

A QHHT vintage-style washed hat. Made with a cotton twill blend.


Unisex Hoodie

A comfortable and cozy hoodie with the QHHT Logo on the chest.


Sedona Retreat T-Shirt (w/ Date)

The gorgeous and fun Sedona Retreat T-Shirt. This version has the year on the back.


Sedona Retreat T-Shirt (No Date)

The gorgeous and fun Sedona Retreat T-Shirt. This version does not have a year on it.


Sedona Retreat Tank

A quality and soft racerback tank-top with our Sedona Retreat design. It features the date.


Who is Dolores Cannon T-Shirt (Bright Colors)

A pocket t-shirt with our new “Who is Dolores Cannon?” design on the back.


Who is Dolores Cannon? Sticker

A fun sticker for any surface – Who is Dolores Cannon?


Who is Dolores Cannon? QHHT Sticker

The iconic Who is Dolores Cannon sticker with the QHHT logo


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