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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy offers fully accredited classes for Dolores Cannon’s hypnosis technique, QHHT®.  

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For over a decade, Dolores taught her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ to enthusiastic students all over the world. These intensive courses are designed to fully equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills and technical approach to effectively practice her technique, wherever they might live.

There are three levels of courses available.
Our Level 1 and Level 2 courses are based online and occasionally live in-person. Our Level 3 Online is mainly taught in person, however due to COVID restrictions has been offered as a small online class option.

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Learn the Foundation of QHHT

For new students, this course is available in both online and ‘live’ formats and will equip you with all the necessary know-how and resources to practice Dolores’ Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠. In the Level One Course you will learn the basic skills needed to conduct a QHHT® session.  

The Level One Companion Course is designed to help new Practitioners who have recently completed the Level One Online Course and have questions and feel like they need help getting started with practice sessions. It is also designed as a refresher course for all Practitioners.

New practitioners who have successfully completed their Level 1 training may now be listed as a Level 1 Intern. Until these Interns have completed a total of 25 sessions, they may continue to facilitate sessions to gain experience at no cost or by “free-will” offering/donation. After they have completed 25 sessions on 25 different people, they will be listed on our Practitioner List as a Level One Practitioner and not an Intern.

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Continue Your Education

The QHHT® Level 1 Companion Program is for online graduates and anyone wanting to brush up on their skills. You must have already taken Level One to participate in this class. The live 3 day class is given by a certified QHHT instructor.

This class provides a day to answer your questions, a day to practice your new found skills with other classmates and a day to share your session results and receive immediate feedback. This program is perfect for new practitioners who have previously completed the online course, or any practitioner who would like to get some practice sessions in, ask questions about their sessions and connect with other practitioners.

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Expand Your Skills + Develop Your Career 

For QHHT® practitioners who have attended Level 1 (either online or live) this supplemental course will focus on strengthening core QHHT® skills. We will work with the practitioners on your interviewing and questioning skills and give direct feedback on mastering your unique hypnotic voice. Then you will break into smaller groups for further one-to-one individual coaching. It is highly encouraged to have some completed sessions before taking this course.  The more experience you have, the better you will understand the advanced material in this course.

The course includes a full one day workshop developed by Kaya Wittenburg emphasizing the 5D world of collaboration instead of competition to build the core elements of your QHHT® business practice. This will include confidently speaking with potential clients about your fees, building your website, and leveraging the power of various social media channels. The Level 2 certificate will be awarded after the completion and submission of 25 session notes.

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Level 3:

Master All Facets of QHHT

The Level 3 class is for practitioners who have completed Level 2 in the past 2 years, have been in practice for one year, have a minimum of 125 sessions, and facilitate QHHT® as Dolores taught. This 3 day small group course offers professional assessment and feedback on the practitioners’ actual session recording including but not limited to: the interview process, the session location, induction, lifetime/s, contact with the SC and more. Videos will be reviewed in a group setting so each practitioner will not only learn from their own video, but from the others’ videos as well.

The Level Three Course is designed to work with Practitioners individually in such a way that each practitioners’ actual session skills are reviewed, assessed, and fine-tuned so that they are facilitating the technique just as Dolores did.

A digital QHHT completion certificate will be awarded after passing the Level 1 online exam.

Only Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy staff is authorized to teach QHHT® and this material. Taking this class does NOT authorize you or anyone to teach this method.