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QHHT Exploration of Ancient Egypt – Level 2 Live Class

December 5, 2019 @ 9:00 am - December 13, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

Advance your Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practice with this Unique Level 2 Practitioner Course:

Journey of Higher Consciousness to Pyramids of Egypt

The final Level 2 Course of 2019 includes an extended excursion never offered before!





Join us for training at the base of the Pyramids in Giza at the Marriott Mena House
6 Pyramids Road Giza, Giza Governorate 12556, Egypt

Price: $1995 USD
Early Bird Price: $1,332 USD   (Three payments of $444)
Disclaimer: When choosing the payment plan please note, all 3 class payments must be completed 1 week before the class starts.

Level 2 Training: December 5th – 7th
QHHT practice session day: December 8th
Final Training Day: How to Deal with Challenges in Sessions: December 9th
Marketing and Abundance Day: December 10th
Three-day Exploration of Egypt’s Pyramids: December 11th- 13th


Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa: $87 per night
El Remora Square – Pyramids, Giza

Best View Pyramids Hotel: $45 per night
13 Gamal Abba. Nasir Street, Giza

Pyramids View Inn: $25 per night
10 Sphinx Street – Nazlet El Amman Pyramids Giza


The Level 2 course is advanced training that will propel your QHHT practice. You’ll achieve complete mastery of each of the core components of the QHHT technique. Julia and several of our most experienced Practitioners will not only work with the class as a group, but also give you 1-on-1 guidance.

  • Master your most effective hypnotic voice
  • Elevate your interview skills
  • Learn to ask the most relevant questions during your regressions
  • Discover the proven best pre and post session practices

Practice your new knowledge with group sessions. Collaborate with your classmates as you exercise   

You will receive first-hand accounts of the marketing and professional breakthroughs that other Practitioners are having. Absorb the energy of their successes as you hear their personal life stories.

Get ready for positive and empowering feedback from the prior-day's practice sessions. In an open forum with your instructors and peers, we will share input from the enlightening, session experiences.

During this part of the course, we will go deep into any concerns or insecurities you encounter in your mock sessions. This is where we turn any lack of confidence into true discovery and progress.


Discover the method of drawing clients to you through exertion of your true energy. Build a beautiful, trusting relationship with your clients from the start. Many of us have encountered difficult session experiences. You’ll learn to connect and build deep trust with clients as they completely open their mind.

Realize new levels of enlightenment and transformation for yourself and your clients as you develop your nurturing abilities, which will be implemented from your first contact with each client—before they even contact you for a session.

Together, we’ll uncover the importance of creating and enhancing our relationships with clients. Rise to an entirely new level of understanding, trust and an open-mindedness that your clients have never experienced before!

Balance your passion and business. You may struggle with charging for sessions because you need more confidence or face the internal conflict of placing monetary value on something you’re truly passionate about. You’ll learn to use your natural,  positive energy and connectivity skills to counter these and other objections.

Build your confidence as you master your skills and channel new levels of energy that are living inside of you and are ready to flourish and manifest. You will leave this course with an understanding and appreciation of the transformational experience you’re providing to your clients.

Reach new levels of energy and time efficiency.

You will be inspired by outstanding business guidance and learn to maximize your clients’ experience from start through transformation. Conduct internal exploration to contemplate the worth of your time and how your precious time was meant to be used.

Design a deeply relaxing environment through your ultimate session space. Explore the top design considerations that breathe comfort into the spirit of your clients. Reduce barriers and anxieties with environmental influences to get your clients into a deeper theta state.

Master your business practices and use technology to inspire transformation. Identify the core tools needed to create a successful online presence. Learn to be the prominent force as clients start their search for answers.

Begin building a flourishing audience which is filled with excitement. Magnify the view of your targeted client base and the types of digital and social media content that will inspire and motivate them.

Effectively capture the personal transformation of your client through video production and sharing strategies. Empower your clients to share their stories of transformational experiences. We’ll take a dive into the types of technology you can use, the most effective recording and editing techniques to inspire your online audience and how to create viral energy through multi-platform sharing of these video testimonials. You’ll leave this course with a new, high powered business plan for the next year with a support group to keep you on track for even your most ambitious goals and dreams.

Accepting truths of the Giza Pyramid, Phinx, Queen Hunutsen Pyramid and Megalithic Complex (Internal Truths Revealed by Special Guest, Gamal)
Start your exploration correctly with a camel ride across the Giza plateau to gaze upon the pyramids in their complete splendour. As you travel to the Giza pyramid, you will recognize why the camels symbolize endurance, strength and persistence. Connect with meaning in your own life and realize the symbol of sacrifices we all need to make in our lives to advance. Realize the value of strength, patience and steadiness as you take this unbelievable ride in the inspiring atmosphere of Egypt. Channel a natural way of guiding others on their journey as you explore during this group excursion.

Once reaching the awe-inspiring panoramic viewpoint, you will capture snapshots of the scene that will transform your life even as you return home. From here, you will see six of the mystical pyramids.
The mystery and controversial stories of Queen Hunutsen, wife of Cheops, will be made incredibly clear as you approach the small pyramid.

Together we will further feed our souls and journey to internal truth as we enjoy lunch overlooking the pyramids. We will share our own discoveries openly through the unconditional conversations you have learned to practice. From there, we will visit the Sphinx enclosure and accept the value.

You will also visit the small pyramid of Hunut sen, the wife of Cheops. We will feed our souls as we enjoy lunch overlooking the pyramids then visit the Sphinx enclosure. Accept the value of the Megalithic Complex. Discover the meaning of this site which has been used as the preparatory hall of the pyramids.

Expand your consciousness even further in this high-awareness state as we visit Gamal, a Reiki Master, spiritual healer and owner of a family-based essential oil business. Having been working in the field of alternative and energy healing for many years, he has dedicated his life to the study and treatment of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual illness in a holistic way. We will all absorb tremendous knowledge from Gamal, who often blesses visitors will readings of the aura and individual readings.

With a newfound passion for discovery looming from the previous day’s excursion, we will go deeper into our exploration. Collectively we will visit one of the most mysterious places in Giza, and the whole of Egypt--The strange catacombs of Serapeum. Often regarded by professors of archaeology as the most important monument in the history of Egyptology, this extraordinary subterranean site was rediscovered first by the indefatigable Greek geographer Strabo, who traveled in Egypt around 24 AD. As we travel through the underground Serapium featuring 90 ton monolithic granite boxes of exquisite craftsmanship, we will find that these structures were relied upon to protect something special.

Few monuments hold a place in human history as significant as that of the Step Pyramid in Saqqara. Together with the structures that surround it, the pyramid composes Djoser’s tomb complex. We will explore all with an open mind and heightened awareness. You will become aware that this pyramid complex constitutes milestones in the evolution of more than just architecture, but civilization’s awareness of multi-deminsional living, past and present lives.

Going even deeper, we will descend into the pyramid of Unas, one of the greatest initiation chambers and home to the oldest texts outlining the process for assessing the other world and returning.

Again, freely sharing the emotional connection to this sacred place, we will gather for a complimentary lunch.

We travel to Dahshur to see the elegant Bent Pyramid and it’s hidden geometry and the motion of earth. This unique structure will bring awareness to the way the constructors illustrated their own newfound knowledge. They constructed this limestone pyramid in a way that would showcase what they had learned about the planet’s motion and movement.

Named for its high iron content, the Red Pyramid at the North of Dahshur is the third largest pyramid in Egypt and one whose interior is open to very few visitors. One of the most anonymous pyramids with no trace of burials or inscriptions, we will uncover the basis of this pyramid.

After the complementary lunch, we will visit the outstanding Museum of antiquities and wander freely among the most extensive collection of Egyptian antiquities in the world. We will convene to return back to the hotel and take with us the knowledge and awareness of truths.





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