Level 3

Everything you need to know about the Level 3 Course for your QHHT Career.

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What is the Level 3 Course all about?

The Level 3 class is for practitioners who have completed Level 2 in the past 2 years, have a minimum of 125 sessions, and intend to facilitate QHHT as Dolores taught. This 3 day small group course offers professional assessment and feedback on the practitioners’ actual session recording including but not limited to: the interview process, the session location, induction, lifetime/s, contact with the SC and more.

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Level 3 Practitioners in a Classroom
Julia grading Level 3 Sessions

Videos will be reviewed in a group setting so each practitioner will not only learn from their own video, but from the others’ videos as well. Practitioners do not receive a certificate for this course for simply attending class, most often there is follow up work to be done outside of the classroom setting. Level 3 is a finite evaluation of your QHHT skills. This advanced class is designed for those practitioners that do QHHT professionally and want their skill level to be very pure to how Dolores Cannon did her sessions.

There are serious criteria to meet and to maintain for this designation. Unlike Level 1 and Level 2 classes, the process to attain the Level 3 status begins with the class and continues until the practitioner is passed by Julia Cannon. This can involve more than one video submission, extended refinement on the voice and session questions. It typically takes 3-4 submissions or 6-9 months to receive your Level 3 certification.

Level 3 Class with Students

There are currently only 45 certified Level 3 Practitioners in the world. The Level 3 Live certification is a 3-day intensive working directly with a Certified Level 3 Practitioner.

As a prerequisite for the class, candidates will need to have:

been practicing for at least one year, completed the Level 2 class within the past 2 years

submitted proof of the required 125 sessions to the office

video recorded a full session for an in-depth analysis

Level 3 Courses Available

Currently no Level 3 Classes available.