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Mysterious Crop Circles: What are Crop Circles and How are They Made?

Crop circles are phenomena that have been reported for an age. They make a rise in the literature of many forms and cultures across the globe have some sort of story to tell on them. But, what are Crop Circles? Are they really messages from beings of higher realms? Or are they pranks executed with suspicious precision...

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June 18th, 2021

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Invest in Yourself – It Pays Dividends for Everyone!

Invest in Yourself – It Pays Dividends for Everyone! A difficult question… Recently a 30 year old client wanted help on making a difficult decision. Although he was single, he lived close to his mother and her family and felt like he should stay in the area and help financially…

Expansion and Healing With My QHHT Session Audio Recording

This beautifully written piece is a client’s testimonial on the healing process she went through as she listened to her session recording multiple times. We practitioners can’t stress enough how important listening to the session recording is to a client’s expanded healing…..even when they “think” nothing happened. ‘I follow the…

A Chat with the Dalai Lama during A QHHT Session by Patti Intoranat

This chat I had with The Dalai Lama during a QHHT session was insightful and memorable I would like to share with you. It happened while a surrogate subject was under and we started it off briefly with a Samurai who was on a path approaching a wise old man…