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Severing Ties - When is it Time to Cut the Cord

Throughout our lives, we make these connections with certain people. Sometimes, those connections are temporary. They come in with a bang, and turn your life upside-down, and not necessarily in a bad way. Other connections can make you...

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September 25th, 2023

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Gold Spiritual Meaning
Self Discovery

Gold Spiritual Meaning: Color Gold Symbolism & Definition

This world we live in is completely blindsided by lust and greed when gold comes into the picture. However, gold is not just a precious metal that defines our wealth with its economic value. It is a color that holds much spiritual meaning. This article will delve deep into what gold is associated with. From its spiritual meanings to what it relates to in…Read More»

Snakes biting you in your dreams
Self Discovery

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Snakes Biting You or Attacking You?

If you’ve been following our page, you might remember one of our previous articles about seeing snakes in your dreams. Dreams usually have deeper spiritual meanings, and most people assume they represent a bad omen. But, snakes in your dreams could have a positive meaning, depending on how they showed up, and the context of your dream. Today we are going to tuck in a little deeper to snake dreams. We are going to…Read More»

Spiritual Goals Examples
Self Discovery

Spiritual Goals Examples 2023: 12 Spiritual Smart Goals List

Having physical and spiritual goals for your life is important. It gives you the drive, or motivation, that you need to get up in the morning and strive to do better. Spiritual goals help you to get somewhere in your life. It can give your life meaning, spiritually. However, many people overlook the significance of…Read More»

What Does the Color Purple Mean Spiritually?
Self Discovery

What Does the Color Purple Mean Spiritually? (& Why You Keep Seeing it)

From its association with royalty and power to its spiritual symbolism and creative inspiration, purple has been one of the greatest spiritual influencers of human history. In this article, we are going to discuss the different spiritual meanings this regal color has to offer the world. The color purple can also stimulate the crown chakra and is linked with creativity, states of consciousness, ability…Read More»

What does it mean when you dream about snakes?
Self Discovery

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Snakes Spiritually?

What does it mean when you dream about snakes spiritually? Well, slithering snakes with their beady little eyes do not generally strike up feelings of happiness. They’re usually lumped into the suspicious category of animals, along with spiders and other creepy crawlies. However, every animal has…Read More»

What is Spiritual Love?
Self Discovery

What is Spiritual Love? Spiritual Love Connection Meaning Explained

Spiritual love might sound like some new-age concept. But, in reality, it is the ultimate connection between two people. Today we are going to take a deep dive into this kind of divine connection. We will give our definition of what a spiritual relationship is, explain the difference between a romantic relationship and a spiritually inclined…Read More»

Shaping Humanity with Hypnosis
Self Discovery

Shaping Humanity with Hypnosis

Society expects a lot from us. Starting thousands of years ago, genders were given certain roles to play, and our age is meant to define our way of living. Julia Cannon recently celebrated her birthday and was left with a realization that she certainly does not feel her age. However, this is a direct result…Read More»

Living a Life Without Judgement
Self Discovery

Living a Life Without Judgement

Life without judgment seems like a dream to many of us. There are countless songs written, telling stories of dreamy days when we all get along. Bob Marley and John Lennon would be so proud if we managed to achieve such a state of being. One where people didn’t feel the need to feed their egos by putting…Read More»

Alien Abductions
Self Discovery

Dolores Cannon – Alien Abductions

Dolores Cannon, a renowned author, and hypnotherapist was a pioneer in the field of metaphysics and past-life regression. She dedicated her life to exploring the mysteries of the universe. One of her most intriguing areas of research was her work with people who said they were abducted by extraterrestrial…Read More»

We Can Manifest Anything
Self Discovery

We Can Manifest Anything – Here’s How

One of the most discussed topics with QHHT is how to manifest. It is seen as a magical phenomenon, because how can we simply will something into existence without putting the physical effort in? Well, Dolores Cannon dedicated her life to helping others overcome unexplained fears, eradicate…Read More»