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Positive Full Moon Affirmations & Mantras 2022 (Love, Money & More)

Sometimes we need a little reassurance or some motivation in our lives. From time to time, that needs to come from ourselves, and for ourselves. Full moon affirmations, or full moon mantras are great ways to plant those seeds for your manifestations. Today you will learn some great mantras to use on...

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May 23rd, 2022

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Sleeping Dreaming and OBEs
Self Discovery

Sleeping, Dreaming, and OBEs

In a recent dream of Julia Cannon, where she was playing the role of a school nurse, she found a tiny baby, who was unfortunately no longer alive, lying on a table. In her dream she was about to leave, so she left thinking she would deal with the baby later. When she came back, there was a second much smaller…Read More»

New Moon Vs. Full Moon
Self Discovery

New Moon vs Full Moon: What’s the Difference Between Them?

The physical appearance of a full moon is without a doubt very different from a new moon. A Full moon casts light across the night sky, illuminating our landscapes; and a new moon does quite the opposite. Aside from the obvious difference, what makes them so different metaphysically, or…Read More»

Moving into the 5D Earth
Self Discovery

Moving Into the 5D Earth – What is 5D?

5D Earth comes with a lot of confusion over whether or not it is the “new” earth. This is not the case. Some people view it as this great thing that will suddenly be thrust upon us. Like the opposite of doomsday. The higher dimensions have been trying to tell us all that the 5D world is already upon us, and…Read More»

Aura Quartz

Aura Quartz Crystals: Healing Properties, Meaning & Benefits

Have you ever picked up a crystal that just seems to ethereal to be real? It was most likely an aura quartz crystal, and believe us when we say, it is truly the real-deal. There is much confusion over this beautiful amalgamation of nature and science produces a powerful healing crystal that…Read More»

Mental, Physical and Spiritual Alignment
Self Discovery

Mental, Physical and Spiritual Alignment

Time just seems to fly when we are having fun, doesn’t it? Even though this is a linear construct that we have created in order to make sense of this world as physical beings. The best way to have fun is when you are in alignment with your soul’s chosen path. When you are not in alignment, time might feel stagnant, and your…Read More»

Exploring the Super Conscious
Self Discovery

Hypnosis, Past-Lives, and Exploring the Super Conscious

Today’s topic is something that really hits home with our QHHT practice and one that most of us find a keen interest in. This is not surprising as we are one big, happy soul family. Hypnosis, past-lives, and the super conscious is an extremely broad subject, but one that is growing in popularity every day. Past lives are…Read More»

Crystals for Beginners
Self Discovery

Best Crystals for Beginners: Types of Crystals & What They Do

Human beings have always been attracted to the minerals that are mined from our earth. There are many different kinds of crystals, or gemstones, and each carry a protective or healing attribute. It might seem overwhelming, at first, to know which crystal has what benefits. We are…Read More»

Curiosities Lead You
Self Discovery

How Curiosities Lead You Towards Your Past, Present, and Future

We have spoken in the past about how time is not a linear thing, and how everything is happening around us right now, simultaneously, and presently, whichever way you wish to describe it. Interdimensional travel is something that we do all the time, whether you realize it or not. Maybe you are really…Read More»

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