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Positive Full Moon Affirmations & Mantras 2022 (Love, Money & More)

Sometimes we need a little reassurance or some motivation in our lives. From time to time, that needs to come from ourselves, and for ourselves. Full moon affirmations, or full moon mantras are great ways to plant those seeds for your manifestations. Today you will learn some great mantras to use on...

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May 23rd, 2022

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Soul Age Test
Self Discovery

Soul Age Test: How Old is Your Soul? Take the Soul Quiz & Find Out

We’ve all heard the  term old soul by now, being a term that one used when referring to someone who seems older than they really are, as if they have lived for centuries when they are only 10 years old. Have you ever wondered how old your soul is? well, we have a quiz designed for this exact…Read More»

What is a Soul Contract
Self Discovery

What is a Soul Contract Agreement? 6 Types & How to Find Yours

Signing a contract can be an intimidating thing, especially for those who are starting out a new job, or possibly purchasing a subscription for some application. Those fine prints need to be read! But, what of the contract that you agreed to before you even took your first breath in this life? We each have…Read More»

What is Soul Speak?
Self Discovery

What is Soul Speak? How to Speak to your Soul

You might wonder what sparked this powerful system we call Soul Speak. It started back when my mother, Delores Cannon, was teaching her classes and I was helping behind the scenes. This is when it came through to…Read More»

Can Hypnosis Change Your Personality?
Self Discovery

Can Hypnosis Change Personality? (& Behavior it Can Change)

We’ve all heard these miracle stories of how your friend was able to quit smoking, lose lots of weight, or take away their negative thought processes blocking them from starting their dream business. Have you been curious to see if personality hypnosis could work for you? You have? Good! Keep…Read More»

Hypnosis Myths Exposed
Self Discovery

Hypnosis Myths: 22 Common Misconceptions About Hypnosis Exposed

Hypnotic trance, the subconscious mind, self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy, trance state, and hypnotic suggestions. These are a few of the phrases that revolve around the concept of hypnosis. But, what is hypnotherapy, really? There are so many hypnosis myths that are circling us daily, and the internet…Read More»

12 Different Types of Soulmates
Self Discovery

12 Different Types of Soulmates (& How Many We Can Have?)

Remember that time you met someone new and everything just seemed to click. You might not have had a conversation filled with exclamations like; “Me too!” or “The same happens for me”. But, you simply just understand everything they say from past experiences to existential beliefs. This might very well…Read More»

Fear and Toxicity
Self Discovery

Fear and Toxicity: How to Let Go for the New Year

Thoughts have been revolving a lot about the power of manifesting for the new year ahead. And with this, that life design, the bringing into the dream life that you consistently do. If you could imagine your dream life and think about all the places that you wish to go to, or the types of people you want to be…Read More»

Difference Between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

What is the Difference Between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

In today’s age, there is little left to surprise us because there is so much in this world that we are blessed to be able to experience, thanks to technology, and the internet. With all of this development, we as humans have not changed (except for hopefully being more open-minded) and our mental…Read More»

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