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What is a Lightworker Empath? 12 Types, Symptoms & Traits

We all have one of those friends that seems to simply light up the room when they walk in. The kind that can crush your bad mood simply with a smile. Could they be a lightworker? They are those whose life purpose is to raise the level of consciousness with light. In this article, we are going to find out the...

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September 26th, 2022

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What are the Different Types of Empaths
Self Discovery

What are the Different Types of Empaths? The 14 Empath Kinds

Ever met someone who seems to understand everything you are going through? The chances are you have met an empath who is intuitively aware. The term empath comes from empathy, which is the ability to understand the experiences and feelings of others outside of your own. Contrary to popular belief, there…Read More»

Soul & Spirit Guides
Self Discovery

Exploring the Roles of Soul and Spirit Guides

Spirit guides can be understood simply by the name. They are higher beings from the spirit realm. They help us along our journey, having been with us since the beginning. Not just from the start of this life, you are living now, but from the very beginning, throughout all your lives. They have always been…Read More»

What is Scrying
Self Discovery

What Is Scrying & What Is a Scrying Mirror? Your Essential Guide

Scrying is an ancient art of revealing truths, used by witches for many centuries as a sort of tool. What is scrying? There are many misconceptions over what a scryer is truly capable of, most people still assume it involves a psychic gazing into a crystal ball. We shall explain everything about the art of scrying, from…Read More»

Coming to Terms with Truth and Reality
Self Discovery

Coming to Terms With Truth and Reality

Greeting to one and all ladies, gentlemen, starseeds, and aliens! To our frequent flyers and first-time passengers, we welcome you to another discussion of the esoteric world of QHHT. As always, there are many questions that we get asked and we would like to address a few of them. So, buckle up, and…Read More»

New Moon Affirmations
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10 New Moon Affirmations & Meditations 2022 (Love, Money & More)

In a sense, a new moon is the ultimate reset, designed with cosmic intent. Where the time of full moon we reach a tumultuous flow of energy where we are forced to reflect on all that is not working for us, as well as what is benefiting us. New moon is the perfect time to set intentions…Read More»

5D View of War and Peace
Self Discovery

A 5D View of War and Peace

In today’s world, many youths are not accustomed to the concept of war… but many are accustomed to Love. On the other side of the coin, some are all too familiar with war, and the lack of love. It is apparent that what might seem normal to some, is not the norm for others. There are many different opinions about…Read More»

How to Spiritual Trance
Self Discovery

How to go in a Spiritual Trance in 6 Steps: Trance State Guide

o be in a state of trance is not like the typical hypnosis show that serves entertainment purposes. The trance state that we are speaking of is more like an altered state of consciousness where your state of awareness is heightened. We shall explain everything you need to know about…Read More»

Dark Night of the Soul
Self Discovery

What Is the Dark Night of the Soul? Our Meaning, Stages & More!

Have you ever experienced some soul crushing sadness after you went through an intense situation in life? And then, after a while of suffering, you emerged, triumphant, like a phoenix from its ashes? It is likely that you went through a period in your life known as, the…Read More»

Full Moon Mantras
Self Discovery

Positive Full Moon Affirmations & Mantras 2022 (Love, Money & More)

Sometimes we need a little reassurance or some motivation in our lives. From time to time, that needs to come from ourselves, and for ourselves. Full moon affirmations, or full moon mantras are great ways to plant those seeds for your manifestations. Today you will learn some great mantras to use on…Read More»

Are you an Empath
Self Discovery

Am I an Empath Test (Free & Most Accurate Empath Quiz)

You might be someone who prefers to hang out with smaller groups of people rather than in large gatherings. Empathic people are intuitive and highly sensitive. We will discuss the different types of empaths that you might encounter throughout your life. If you have ever asked yourself: “Am I an Empath?” then take…Read More»