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XVIII The Moon Tarot Card Meaning Reversed & Upright Guide

Picture this, you have gathered with your friends under the moonlight to do some tarot readings. Candles are lit, space has been blessed, crystals are laid out around you creating a force field of energy. Of all the many cards in the deck, one that you pulled was the moon. You wonder to yourself, what could this mean? Well, today we are going to go through all the different meanings behind the moon tarot card. By the...

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November 28thth, 2022

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What is Inner Work?
Self Discovery

What is Inner Work? (& How to do Inner Work Exercises!)

What is inner work? Basically, it is a journey of inner healing. In this day and age, we each deal with so many negative events and situations and are still expected to function in society. In this article, we will be discussing why inner work is so important as well explain exactly…Read More»

Physical & Emotional Healing

Physical & Emotional Healing – Do You Need Emotional Healing?

The theme for today is a very interesting topic. One that is very prevalent in this current timeline we are experiencing. There is so much tumult happening all around the world. Pollution is at an all-time high causing both the barrier reef and the rain forests to disintegrate. There are ongoing wars, and new ones…Read More»

Twin Flame
Self Discovery

What is a Twin Flame Relationship? Meaning, Signs & Symptoms Explained

Have you ever met someone that you share a deep connection with? You just know, almost immediately, that you are bound by something unknown? The rope might be intangible, yet it is ever present after the moment you meet. It might very well be that you have met your twin flame. Now, you might be asking yourself, what does…Read More»

The Power of Intention
Self Discovery

The Power of Your Intention Plus FREE Quiz

Our topic today is based on intention. Not only our daily intentions and momentary emotional intentions but our ultimate intention that spreads across every facet of our life. The first message that came through when we opened up on this topic during one live chat was that the higher beings are already aware of your intentions, and…Read More»

Types of Empath Test
Self Discovery

What Kind of Empath am I? Take the Types of Empaths test Now

Have you had a knack for truly understanding the emotions of others? Or maybe you have always had a connection to animals and nature. There are 14 different kinds of empaths, each with its own abilities. Understanding your own empathic powers is a keen part of your self-care. It might explain why you find yourself surrounded…Read More»

Curses and Light Language
Self Discovery

Curses, Light Language and Inter-dimensional Cognition

One of the most frustrating things that happen to us throughout our lives is when we go through a spell of bad luck. Situation after situation, and eventually you feel as if you will never get out of this rut alive! But here is some light to brighten the doom and gloom – where there is…Read More»

Waning Moon Rituals
Self Discovery

Waning Moon Rituals (Gibbous) & Spells for Money, Love & More

The moon phases will revolutionize your emotional understanding. We are all emotional people, and the moon’s gravitational pulls and pushes are a great influence to us. By following the lunar cycle, you are able to know when to stop and think, and hen to react. Let’s dive right into understanding the phases of the moon, but…Read More»

How Do We Upgrade Our DNA?
Self Discovery

How Do We Upgrade Our DNA?

Some of the biggest questions we are faced with in QHHT all surround the concept of upgrading one’s DNA. Some wild thoughts have been concocted of us becoming these non-physical beings that many of us strive so hard to become. Bear in mind that are human beings here…Read More»

What are the Different Types of Empaths
Self Discovery

What are the Different Types of Empaths? The 14 Empath Kinds

Ever met someone who seems to understand everything you are going through? The chances are you have met an empath who is intuitively aware. The term empath comes from empathy, which is the ability to understand the experiences and feelings of others outside of your own. Contrary to popular belief, there…Read More»

Soul & Spirit Guides
Self Discovery

Exploring the Roles of Soul and Spirit Guides

Spirit guides can be understood simply by the name. They are higher beings from the spirit realm. They help us along our journey, having been with us since the beginning. Not just from the start of this life, you are living now, but from the very beginning, throughout all your lives. They have always been…Read More»