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Color Personality Quiz

Recently, the true colors test has been making its rounds on the oh-so-loved Tiktok. If you have been curious to know what everyone has been discovering about themselves, try our color personality quiz!

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August 16th, 2022

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Expansion and Healing With My QHHT Session Audio Recording

This beautifully written piece is a client’s testimonial on the healing process she went through as she listened to her session recording multiple times. We practitioners can’t stress enough how important listening to the session recording is to a client’s expanded healing…..even when they “think” nothing happened. ‘I follow the…

A Chat with the Dalai Lama during A QHHT Session by Patti Intoranat

This chat I had with The Dalai Lama during a QHHT session was insightful and memorable I would like to share with you. It happened while a surrogate subject was under and we started it off briefly with a Samurai who was on a path approaching a wise old man…