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Why Do We Get Cancer?

Cancer is undeniably one of the most formidable foes we face. It’s a relentless adversary, challenging people from all walks of life. It does not discriminate. But, could we be the reason that we suffer from it and other crippling diseases? But what if you knew that your mindset plays a significant...

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February 23rd, 2024

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What is Spiritual Depression?
Self Discovery

What is Spiritual Depression? Symptoms, Causes & Healing Explained

Depression has been a well-known foe in the world of mental health for quite some time. It comes and goes throughout life, and is always accompanied by negative thought patterns and feelings. However, not many people consider spiritual depression. This article we will delve into the intricacies of spirituality, and how depression is very much a phenomenon we experience at some point…Read More»

Three Waves of Volunteers
Past Lives

Dolores Cannon Speaks on the Three Waves of Volunteers

The world, at times, appears to be a deeply troubled and chaotic place. The relentless cycle of violence, conflict, and suffering we inflict upon ourselves and others raises questions about why higher beings have not intervened to alleviate our struggles. It is understandable to wonder why such powerful forces have not intervened to guide us toward a path of peace and harmony. However, perhaps there is a purpose behind our…Read More»

Is Reincarnation Real?
Self Discovery

Is Reincarnation Real? Scientific Proof of Reincarnation & Past Life Evidence

If you’re reading this, you probably have some interest in the possibility of past lives. Or, the topic intrigues you enough that you want to know more. Our topic today is about the research that has been done to prove that reincarnation is real. We will talk about the science behind the phenomenon and any evidence that exists. So, if you’re ready to go down the rabbit hole of rebirth and other…Read More»

What is a Psychometric Empath?
Self Discovery

What is a Psychometric Empath? Traits, Signs, Awakening & Powers

We all know about empaths, right? The folks who pick up on vibes like it’s their superpower. But hey, did you know there’s actually more than one type of empath? There are 11 different kinds of empaths. Have you ever heard of a psychometric empath? Well, this article is your introduction to their world—where feelings aren’t just in people but also…Read More»

ETs have been here from the beginning
Self Discovery

Dolores Cannon Said the E.T.s Have Been Involved From The Beginning

Drawing upon decades of ground-breaking research, Dolores Cannon’s perspective delves deep into the realms of consciousness and past-life regression. She was even lucky enough to have made contact with beings from other dimensions, or extraterrestrials if you will. Her profound insights and unyielding curiosity have led…Read More»

White Spiritual Meaning
Self Discovery

White Spiritual Meaning: Spiritual Meaning of Color white Defined

What is the spiritual meaning of the color white? What does white symbolize? For many cultures, white is the color of purity and a new beginning. As we know, white is the lightest color on the color wheel. So much so, that many people argue that it is not a color at all, but rather the absence of all color. Looking at this brilliant…Read More»

Ladybug Spiritual Meaning
Self Discovery

Ladybug Spiritual Meaning, Spirit Animal Symbolism & More

The ladybug stands as a potent symbol of good luck and blessings, offering its unwavering support as we navigate our paths of personal growth and transformation. Mirroring its metamorphosis from a humble larva to a resplendent insect, it reminds us of our capacity to undergo profound change through determination and…Read More»

Dolores Cannon Speaks About Free Will
Self Discovery

Dolores Cannon Speaks About Free Will

In the beginning, the higher beings that created us were posed with many questions. What should we look like? should we have hands? Should we be bold and courageous, or shy and introverted? Well, the higher beings simply created our bodies to be as function-able as possible. As for our minds, they left that up to us to develop and…Read More»

Severing Ties
Self Discovery

Severing Ties – When is it Time to Cut the Cord

It is not surprising that there has been a recent increase in spiritual energy healing. One of the most popular methods is aligning and clearing away blockages from our 7 chakras.  One of the seven is your third eye chakra which is responsible…Read More»

Color Indigo Spiritual Meaning
Self Discovery

Indigo Spiritual Meaning: Color Indigo Symbolism & Definition

The color indigo is not just a beautiful flower growing in your garden. From ancient times to the modern world, this color has captivated the world with its spiritual and psychological benefits. so much so that it has long been perceived as a magical hue. This article will delve into the many different meanings of the color indigo. We will unravel its spiritual and…Read More»