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Exploring the Roles of Soul and Spirit Guides

Spirit guides can be understood simply by the name. They are higher beings from the spirit realm. They help us along our journey, having been with us since the beginning. Not just from the start of this life, you are living now, but from the very beginning, throughout all your lives. They have always...

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June 27th, 2022

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Past Life Regression

The Dimensions

For my curiosity on dimensions, the Higher Self (HS) of one client lovingly and patiently answered my questions. These are the conversations that took place on that day. Soo: What is dimension? HS: Space and time are too constricted on the Earth dimension. There is a limit. Where there is…

Should I Take Hypnotherapy Training to Become a Certified Hypnotherapist?

Hypnotherapy is something that can be polarizing for a lot of people. Many people disregard the potential benefits of hypnosis and its relationship with the unconscious mind. Others find it to be a spiritually rewarding practice that provides healing and understanding to people in need.  When you look closely, the practice…

Self Discovery

What Should I Do with My Life?

If you’re constantly wondering “what should I do with my life?” you’re not alone. This confusion is even increasing amongst teens, with 15% of respondents in one survey saying they have no idea what they want to do. Of course, it’s not just teenagers who are facing this problem. An…

Man looking out into distant clearly suffering from some internal pain
Past Life Regression

Feeling Lost in Life? Here’s How to Find & Love Yourself Again

How to Find Yourself When You’re Feeling Lost  Do you often stop and wonder if your life means anything or if you’re heading in the right direction? There’s a lot of reasons why human beings might feel lost. You might be unable to pursue your passion or you think you’re…

Past Life Regression

Why Don’t I Fit In?

I had a young client come see me recently. She was 19 yrs old, and struggling with how she fits into this world. Moving into a new stage of life and wondering what her future looks like, she wanted a QHHT session to find her answers. So the journey began.…

QHHT Course

My QHHT Level 3 Experience

I’ve been practicing Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique for a while now. Recently, I was invited by Julia Cannon to join the Level 3 Practitioner class held in Eureka Springs. An honor, to say the least. And I must say that this class, for me, was so rich and so intense!…

Past Life Regression

A Magical Forest

What will be your idea of a magical forest? With fairies dancing around colorful plants and flowers? Mystical creatures gathering together inside a tree hole which turns out to be a huge space with elaborate decorations? These are the actual past life scenes my QHHT clients have seen when they…

Past Life Regression


A lot more people are suffering from scoliosis than I have imagined.  Recently, I had the privilege of meeting very special people who happened to have scoliosis. Every person who has this discomfort has so unique reason for their condition.  Not a single person shares the same reason, however, their back…

Past Life Regression

Light Councils

This is an excerpt from a conversation with Light Councils. Recently in my QHHT sessions I’ve had many clients who are a member of a Council. I was curious about this and I wanted to ask questions to the Council about the various Councils. This is a small excerpt from…

QHHT Session

Being a New born baby… and Feeling Welcomed

My lovely client, Emily, allowed me to share with you some little parts of her regression. After spending some time during the regression in a state of pure consciousness and feeling amazing “somewhere” with the Light, she felt she had to go back into a physical body of some sort.…

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