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Exploring the Roles of Soul and Spirit Guides

Spirit guides can be understood simply by the name. They are higher beings from the spirit realm. They help us along our journey, having been with us since the beginning. Not just from the start of this life, you are living now, but from the very beginning, throughout all your lives. They have always...

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June 27th, 2022

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QHHT Session

The Event, DNA Upgrade & Crystalline Body

Mark came for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session about a month ago. It went wonderfully well and right by the end, his Higher Self (HS) told us something that surprised both of us – we were good friends at a classroom studying about Earth before we began incarnation…

QHHT Session

Healing from abuse – a story about my little brave friend

I had a very interesting session yesterday where the client kindly agreed to do a session swap in exchange for me asking questions of her higher self. What I wanted to know about was my little dog. Her name is ‘Vanilla’. I originally got her because my husband was sick…

QHHT Session

Coffee Chat with a QHHT Client

Our beloved teacher Dolores Cannon used over 45 years to develop this amazing modality to help people find out all the answers they need from within, be empowered and move forward in life with clarity, purpose and more.  Sometimes clients will stay in touch, sometimes they won’t. Regardless, this work…

QHHT Session

Writer’s Block

When Cy walked into the room, I sensed he could fit the typical writer image that I have.  Calm, serene, polite and even his glasses were exactly fit to the writer profile I got used to seeing from the media. He said he has been writing for several years with…

QHHT Session

Releasing Grief

This is the second time I saw this client (one year passed between each session). She came back for a session after feeling very low for several weeks. She has allowed me to share with you part of her regression in which she released a massive amount of grief (she…

QHHT Session

Frog People

She sees the terrain not solid, vaporous, and gaseous. The planet is comprised of gases, and water has yellow color. The water is more than land mass. Some denser landmass is comprised of carbon, they feel like solid matter. There are vegetations which grow in the water. Some trees are…

QHHT Session

Trump’s Role in The Ascension

I was very much looking forward to this client’s session, she had made it quite clear that she does not like vague or cryptic answers, does not like to have to guess at the meaning. The reason she is asking the questions is because she REALLY wants answers and she…

QHHT Session

Past Life Regression of Healing with Orillion

Orillion That day, Tim was out for a walk after daily duty at his farm. Young man in his 20s, he was thoroughly enjoying his place, where three (3) suns were bright, shining white lights all over the flat landscape making it an incredibly hot day. Some green clouds were…


Spontaneous Healing

Amazingly, the human body is programmed for spontaneous healing. Broken bones knit back together. Cuts and scrapes are replaced by new skin. Viruses are attacked. And much of this healing happens without any conscious intervention. Having a healthy body improves the ability to spontaneously heal. Having a healthy mind, emotions…

QHHT Session

A Reluctant Bride and an Alien Abduction

The start of the session unfolded in a town within Italy. The weather was hot. The subject was a young woman of around 30 years of age, with elaborately styled hair wearing a brown dress and jewellery in her hair. She had rings on every finger and jewellery around her…

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